We only provide the food for outside events. The catering materials, equipment, and utensils could be provided by another catering service provider of your choice.

We are happy to have been part of special occasions of guests over the years through our Function service.


Function rooms are available only in select Conti's stores. It is best to browse through the INSTORE FUNCTION service information in Our Services page to read more about which function room may be best suited to your needs.

We welcome committed individuals who wish to be part our our company. Kindly see our CAREERS page for information on our recruitment process and career opportunities.

You can find the operating hours of each store in OUR STORES page

Delivery fees start at P90. This, however, may be changed depending on the orders and/or proximity of the delivery destination from the store. Farther areas may entail satisfying a minimum food order amount and additional fees, while nearby destinations may mean waiving of fees (i.e. walking distance).


We suggest that, when ordering for delivery, guests call the store nearest to the delivery destination.

We do not customize cakes for events. Then again, we can do complimentary cake inscriptions on selected cakes. Guests can also request complimentary candle and dedication card upon purchase of the cake.