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Responsible for introducing, developing and overseeing continuous improvement programs geared toward maximizing efficiency, minimizing cost, or improving quality. Champions data discipline and engages other departments to align with data-driven decision making and problem solving. Defines Production Schedule performs rightsizing activities with Planning.


1.Institutes systems and processes that will enable and drive continuous improvement across the commissary such as:
a.Initiating, developing, evaluating, and overseeing projects that will eliminate wastefulness (TIMWOOS), save on costs and gather information for setting standards (e.g., time and motion study, store capacity study).
b.Devising an efficient management information system that will integrate manpower, layout, machine, materials, information and energy to make a product.
c.Developing, implementing and monitoring effective production planning and inventory control tools that will optimize raw materials, equipment, facilities and other resources.
d.Working with customers and management to develop standards for design and production.
e.Designing control systems to coordinate activities and production planning to ensure that products meet quality standards.
f.Focusing on how to get the work done most efficiently and balancing many factor such as time and motion, number of manpower needed, available technology, achieving the end product without error or defect, worker safety and cost.
g.Enabling production to pursue innovations hand-in-hand with Research and Development and Quality Control to achieve sustainable process improvements.
2.Engages and drives departments across the commissary to embrace data discipline and align with data-driven decision making and problem solving.
3.Monitors production dashboard for reporting to management (e.g., production report, quarterly commissary and stores capacity, production required headcount).
4.Collaborates with production planning on schedule, headcount and forecast by:
a.Establishing effective man-hour standards based on sales level.
b.Developing management control systems to make demand planning forecast and cost analysis more efficient.
c.Developing and implementing a capacity planning model/template to be used by production planning, production and top management in decision making.
d.Developing standards to be able to establish a labor and material variance analysis process.
e.Reviewing production forecast and suggesting product sequence and production schedule.
5.Accomplishes Production Bill of Materials (BOM).
6.Fosters teamwork with the Industrial Engineering (IE) Section and develops a collaborative culture with other departments.
7.Provides mentoring and coaching by:
a.Monitoring the activities of subordinates.
b.Providing guidance and direction to the IE team.
c.Overseeing personal growth and career development of direct reports.
d.Monitoring, reviewing and approving subordinates’ timekeeping documents.
e.Conducting annual performance evaluation of all direct reports.
8.Prepares, reviews, and/or approves IE related reports.
9.Performs other duties that maybe assigned from time to time.


- Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with training on Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and Quality Tools (e.g., Design of Experiments, 5 Whys,Failure Mode Effects Analysis, Pareto Chart, Total Productive Maintenance)
- At least 5 years of experience preferably gained from a food manufacturing company
- Willing to be assigned in FTI Taguig City (New Arca South)

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