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Responsible for studying, developing programs and designs that will maximize efficiency and minimize cost in the production process.


1.Institutes, documents and updates operational standards for new and existing processes and procedures.
2.Improves products and processes to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and prevent work injury by:
a.Leading and implementing projects and introducing improvements to production area.
b.Design and improve processes, procedures and production resources.
c.Drafting and designing layout of equipment, materials and workplace (production and store) for maximum efficiency using drafting tools and computers.
d.Representing the department in the design and construction of a new manufacturing facility and new store.
e.Determining cost-effective precautions to reduce the occurrence of machine malfunctioning.
f.Deciding how many machines, people, and other resources should be installed in every work station to minimize waiting and queuing time (Line Balancing).
g.Exploring the impact of adding new technology/machines to the production line.
h.Design and developing prototype units, jigs or tools.
i.Converting a production line to use a just-in-time or Kanban inventory system (master schedule).
j.Improving packaging design to minimize breakage and reduce cost.
k.Developing and launching a material handling system (work instructions).
l.Providing support in the analysis and evaluation of production process/practices toward work simplification, value analysis and methods analysis.
m.Gathering and analyzing commissary and store data for equipment capacity, layout and process standards.
3.Enacts quality control procedures to resolve production problems or minimize costs.
4.Carries out commissioning and performance test of new machines and equipment to verify related manhours.
5.Verifies forecast accuracy of each SBU by consolidating sales volume per week.
6.Calculates production labor requirement and generates forecasts by:
a.Gathering and analyzing commissary and store data for accurate manpower standards.
b.Computing headcount for peak season and peak season demand.
7.Attends or participates in meetings (e.g., demand forecast, operations) as necessary.
8.Interacts with stakeholders such as:
a.Vendors, staff, and management personnel regarding purchases, procedures, product specifications, manufacturing capabilities and project status.
b.Shopfloor management to resolve issues regarding manufacturing efficiencies and work order accuracy.
9.Provides support to other groups/units as required through analyzation.
10.Verifies work of IE Support Staff.
11.Generates weekly/monthly/quarterly reports (e.g., weekly sales report planning, man hours summary)
12.Performs other duties that maybe assigned from time to time.


- Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering
- At least 1 yeas of experience preferably gained from a food manufacturing company but FRESH GRADUATES can be considered.
- With basic knowledge in TMS, Process Improvement, Lean manufacturing
- Knowledgeable in using AUTOCAD or any 3D drawing application
- Willing to be assigned in FTI Taguig City (New Arca South)

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