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Responsible for maintaining all equipment in operational condition across the co-responsible for the timeliness, completeness, and quality of the food preparation and availability of the equipment in the assigned kitchen food station. Adheres to the health and safety standard. Monitors the availability of stock and kitchen equipment. Supports inventory analyst, production officer, and other line cooks as needed in company. Collaborates with contractors working in the companies premises. Ensures timely completion of repairs without backlogs and based on engineering standards within approved costs.


1. Adheres to the daily production schedule by:
a. Checking of Delivery, Pickup, and Function (DPF) form, single orders, and endorsement logs.
b. Performing food preparation (e.g., ensuring all ingredients are on hand) of all foods in the assigned kitchen food station(s) as scheduled.
c. Performing cooking techniques (e.g. saute, baking, slicing, frying, and grilling) of all foods in the assigned kitchen food station(s) as scheduled.
d. Ensuring produced food meets Conti’s food quality standards based on the Recipe book and latest quality standards set by the Quality Assurance department.
e. Assembling and packaging produced food.
f. Thawing items according to their respective schedules and area.
g. Keeping up-to-date knowledge about the latest recipes cascaded by Research and Development or Marketing Department.
2. Ensures daily availability of stock, materials, and equipment by:
a. Assembling and monitoring of all kitchen equipment (e.g., exhaust, utensils).
b. Checking product availability (e.g., raw materials, seafood) and inventory statuses (e.g., shelf life of back-up items, expired items).
c. Exercising FiFo Management.
d. Accomplishing requisition forms for products and other supplies with insufficient stock for supervisor review.
3. Maintains the cleanliness of the equipment and working areas (e.g., food stations, staff room) and adheres to the set hygiene standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


Completion of at least two years of studies in college or 2 years vocational course (Food-related courses are preferred)
Six (6) months relevant experience
With basic knowledge on the following:
- Cooking methods, ingredients, and equipment
- Kitchen and restaurant operations
- Quality Control
- Recipe guidelines
- Food and Kitchen Safety
- Cleanliness and Sanitation, Waste management
- Pest Control
- HACCP and GMP principles

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