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Responsible for analyzing and processing purchase orders (PO) from requesting stores, especially for critical items (e.g., fresh, perishable, and high demand products). Ensures that requisitions are processed according to designated Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) levels to avoid overstock and/or stock outs.


1.Analyzes and processes POs from requesting stores by:
a.Consolidating POs received through phone calls and e-mails from requesting stores.
b.Encoding POs in NAV and accustom.
c.Checking encoded POs and on hand inventory to ensure availability of items.
d.Communicating with stores regarding questionable requisitions to avoid overstock.
e.Coordinating with concerned departments (i.e., Production Planning, Procurement, Warehouse, Logistics) to meet PAR levels of critical items.
" f.Issuing sales orders (SO) to requesting stores to confirm that POs have been processed.
2.Monitors and handles customer (store) concerns by:
a.Processing additional and short notice orders, particularly for critical items.
b.Coordinating delivery schedules and performing adjustments, especially to avoid overstock and unserved orders.
c.Processing order cancellations and deferment of deliveries.
d.Promoting items nearing the end of their shelf life to avoid expiry/wastage of stock.
e.Handling and addressing complaints regarding orders, as needed.
3.Performs reconciliation activities on NAV and Accustom to ensure accuracy of data entries by:
a.Mapping and monitoring POs against entries in Accustom to avoid missing sales orders (SOs).
b.Performing adjustments on encoded POs to match ending on hand (EOH) inventories of stores
c.Deleting unserved orders encoded in NAV.
4.Consolidates and processes fixed allocations of non-food items, staff meals, and cleaning materials for stores.
5.Provides recommendations for items and quantities to be produced based on orders processed, as needed.
6.Monitors and updates order fill rates (OFR) and ending inventories of stores on a daily basis.
7.Reports progress and provides timely feedback and information concerning POs to the Order Management Supervisor, especially with regard to unserved orders.
8.Monitors and updates order fill rates (OFR) and ending inventories of stores on a daily basis.
9.Attends or conducts meetings, as necessary.
10.Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


1.Bachelor’s Degree of any course
2.More than 1 year of relevant experience preferably in food production or logistics services
3.Proficient in using MS Excel (Pivot, Vlookup, etc.)
4.Good communication skills (written and spoken English)
5.Willing to be assigned in FTI Taguig (New Arca South)

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