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Responsible for implementing a systematic approach in the conduct of design, creation and operation of specific projects related to Facilities Engineering specifically System Engineering. Provides a standard template for Requirement Analysis/Specification ID, enumeration of design options for projects, selection and implementation of best design (Reliability/Feasibility/Maintainability Test) to resolution of design into project scope/timeline team coordination actual implementation and past implementation assessment. All geared to resource optimization for operational excellence and cost effectiveness.


Project Management

1.Problem Identification/Project system requirements a.Data gathering (Customer needs/measure of effectiveness
b.(Expectations); Constraints (resources (manpower/budget/existing process flow/controls); Engineering (structural/mechanization/space/equipment utilization); Marketing (sales/ branding) Product design/development) Quality (GMP/Shelf life) Environment; Safety; Security; Definition of interfaces.
2.Requirement/Data validation and Analysis
a.Define Alternative systems/configurations; Options assessment/solutions; Simulations of designs alternatives; Define/refine interfaces; Technical/engineering designs study; Risk management/Safety/ Security considerations; Effectiveness/Performance indices; ROI inputs; Timelines (Gantt charts/CPM)
3.Recommendations/ Solutions
a.Project Proposal (Decision making matrix)/Project Timeline/Financial metrics
4.Project Implementation
a.Project Coordination/ Monitoring/reporting/ Implementation

System/Project Assessment/Audit Review

1.Post assessment of completed projects /systems 2.Reassessment of existing Facility Plan with Facility Engineering/Admin services for efficiency/optimization (Facility Aging/dissolution/utilization)
3.Conduct of research/sourcing/participation on bench marking/industry expo/exhibits/trade fair for options/models/innovations technology on mechanization


1.Creates efficient flows by designing innovative tools, workstations and layout that adhere to the principles of ergonomics.
2.Identifies root cause of existing problems.
3.Develops and implements cost effective and sustainable solutions that are backed up with rigorous data analysis.


- Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering
- With at least 6 months or more experience as IE preferably gained from any food manufacturing company
- Proficient in using any application such as Autocad, Skecthup, etc.. In doing lay outs
- Highly analytical and can work with minimum supervision
- Good communication skills (spoken and written english)
- Willing to work in FTI Taguig City (New Arca South)

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