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Responsible for the overall management of kitchen operations. Oversees the implementation of initiatives on kitchen operation standards, production planning, analysis, inventory management, and cost control. Ensures the adherence of kitchen employees to quality, food safety, and personal hygiene standards. arrangements of trainings and seminars. Performs administrative tasks for the training & development team.


1. Manages kitchen operations by:
a. Ensuring all food orders are prepared according to quality, food safety standards and recipe guidelines.
b. Promoting kitchen employees’ adherence to operating procedures and standards on food safety, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and personal hygiene.
c. Overseeing the preparation of bulk orders according to the required production schedule.
d. Inspecting kitchen equipment and tools, ensuring its good working condition. Coordinating with the Facilities, Engineering, and Administration team for maintenance or repairs as needed.
e. Ensuring the effective implementation of cost and inventory management procedures in the kitchen.
f. Validating the accuracy of daily/weekly/monthly inventory, prior to the review of the Restaurant Manager and/or encoding into the system.
2. Performs the following activities to manage shifts:
a. Conducting daily travel path checks.
b. Reinforcing standards and good shift routines.
c. Observing procedures and gives constructive feedback in a timely manner.
d. Endorsing all pending activities, food safety compliance updates, and status of equipment, stock, and products to the next shift.
e. Submitting kitchen employees’ schedule to the Restaurant Manager on weekly basis.
3. Provides mentoring and coaching by:
a. Providing guidance and direction to kitchen employees.
b. Supporting personal growth and career development of kitchen employees by:
i. Being aware of high potential talent for recommendation to be cross-trained in other kitchen stations. Recommends cross-trainee candidates to the Restaurant Manager.
ii. Overseeing exams to test and refresh their knowledge on kitchen operating procedures, food safety, and personal hygiene standards.
iii. Ensuring compliance to and completion of required training programs.
c. Reviewing and approving updates, forms, and/or reports of kitchen team members.
d. Conducting annual performance evaluation of all direct reports.
4. Attends meetings as necessary or conducts them as assigned (e.g., daily shift meeting, quarterly production meeting).
5. Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


1.Bachelor's degree relevant to the job (Hotel & Restaurant Management or Culinary Arts is preferred)
2.More than 3 years of relevant experience
3.With knowledge on the following:
a.Conti’s products, services, and store offerings
b.Restaurant/store operations and processes
c.Kitchen and restaurant operations
d.Kitchen and food safety standards
e.Kitchen equipment operation
f.Recipe guidelines
g.HACCP and GMP principles

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