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Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the assigned store. Manages and motivates store personnel to enable high performance. Monitors and evaluates store financials. Formulates and implements strategies to generate store sales. Leads execution of the customer relations function of the store.


1. Ensures implementation of all store operational procedures by:
a. Conducting store rounds at the start of the shift.
b. Managing the stores calendar of activities and manpower schedules. Sending the stores manpower schedule to the Cluster Manager for approval.
c. Preparing, communicating, and implementing of all required store programs.
d. Overseeing the execution and enforcement of all quality and food safety standards and procedures (e.g., General Cleaning).
e. Confirming that the store has all required permits and licenses for legally operate.
f. Providing timely feedback and/or reports to Cluster Manager on store performance.
g. Adhering to marketing requirements in stores to ensure the consistent demonstration of the company’s brand.
h. Coordinating with the Facilities, Engineering, and Administration team for maintenance and repairs needed by the store.
i. Reviewing the forecasting data of Production Officer.
2. Leads the execution of customer relations by:
a. Ensuring that overall customer experience in the store is in line with company standards.
b. Coordinating regularly with Cluster Managers on customer feedback and improvement areas.
c. Reviewing standard operating procedures to improve customer experience areas, enabling the maintenance of the company’s brand promise.
d. Overseeing the proper execution of customer satisfaction and customer service recovery programs; recommending measures to further gauge customer satisfaction.
e. Performing customer relations, relationship building, and customer complaints handling procedures.


1.Graduate of F&B Services Management, Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant Management or any related course
2.Male/Female, between 30-40 years old
3.With at least 3 years related work experience
4.Proficient in both written and oral communication skills
5.Knowledgeable in the various dimensions of restaurant functions: Dining & Kitchen
Operations, Customer Service, Local Store Marketing, and Administrative Controls
6.Must have extensive exposure in Strategic Planning & Forecasting, Budget Target & Cost 7.Control, People Development, Standard Business Processes, and Customer Satisfaction
/> 8.Strong skills in Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling

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