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Responsible for store administration specifically on cash/vault management, equipment monitoring, plantilla standard, employee discipline and other store controls. Acts as officer-in-charge during shifts and manages over-all store operations. Also, provides performance reports and updates to the cluster manager.


1. Acts as the officer-in-charge for over-all store operations during the assigned shift:
a. Reinforces standards and good shift routines.
b. Observes procedures and gives constructive feedback in a timely manner.
c. Endorses store operations seamlessly to the officer-in-charge of the succeeding shift, when applicable.
d. Submits staff schedule and timekeeping updates.
e. Supervises the office assistant in their daily work activity.
2. Manages the disbursement and reimbursement of the petty cash fund, release of cashier fund, and safe keep of revolving fund, performs cash pull-out.
3. Monitors sales targets and costs incurred from sales operations:
a. Monitors sales per man hour (SPMH).
b. Monitors direct and indirect labor costs.
c. Submits sales updates and reports to the Restaurant Manager on a weekly and monthly basis.
4. Implements administration and controls in the store:
a. Checks safety and security systems are properly implemented; monitor non-controllable inventory. b. Implements quality programs on prevention of wastage, pilferage and preventive maintenance.
c. Represents store to local community/establishment or mall administration.
d. Monitors equipment replacements, repairs and scheduling of preventive maintenance; Process job orders for restaurant furniture and fixtures.


Bachelor's degree relevant to the job (Hotel & Restaurant Management is preferred)
More than 3 years of relevant experience
With basic knowledge on the following:
- Store items/product offerings
- Restaurant/store operations and processes
- Food & beverage industry (trends, competition, brand, and marketing strategies)
- BFAD, DTI, DOH, and other pertinent law/jurisprudence affecting food and restaurant service
- Restaurant safety and security
- Employee case management
- Preventive maintenance
- Basic Accounting

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