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Responsible for the timeliness, completeness, and accuracy of all Delivery, Pick-up, Function (DPF) orders and services. Accommodates all customer orders, concerns, and inquiries. Ensures customers are updated on their respective order details, latest products, and services of the company. Monitors the availability of stock and materials for sales update. Provides support in production, marketing, and administration tasks.


1. Adheres to the end-to-end DPF standards by:
a. Checking alignment of the daily production schedule to the DPF orders and single orders.
b. Informing Production Caller / Quality Controller of the kitchen orders.
c. Checking of endorsement logs, daily dispatch and delivery schedule, Point of Sale (POS) updates, and manpower schedule of the riders.
d. Creating the necessary adjustments to the manpower schedule of the riders.
e. Updating DPF manuals for newly confirmed orders and other adjustments received through store phone calls and endorsements of the Business Sales Center and other store Sales Assistant.
2. Ensures customer orders, concerns, and inquiries are well-attended by:
a. Communicating with warmth and courtesy.
b. Answering all phone calls received.
c. Responding to all customer inquiries.
d. Obtaining customer request, feedback (e.g., on store performance, product) and contact details through phone call, text, flyers, and email; documenting in the log book and encoding in the electronic system.
e. Confirming contact information, mode of payment, schedule, total bill, and availability of item.
f. Updating customers on order status and schedule.
g. Collecting and escalating customer negative feedback and complaints to the Officer-in-Charge or Restaurant Manager of the store.
h. Promoting store priority and new items through phone call, email, text, and flyer.


Completion of at least two years studies in college
Six (6) months relevant experience
With basic knowledge on the following:
- Conti's products, services, and store offerings
- Trade map area
- Company profile
- Restaurant/store operations and processes
- Customer service
- Up-selling, suggestive selling, and cross-selling

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