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Responsible for carrying out dining service procedures for the store, with the goal of delivering excellent hospitality to all guest patrons and customers. Performs activities such as guest reception and correspondence, order processing, serving, and bills collection. Ensures that opening and closing procedures for the dining area are properly executed.


1. Carries out opening procedures for the store:
a. Participates in opening shift meetings and provides inputs on sales targets and stationing of staff.
b. Prepares the dining area, utensils, and equipment for guest use.
2. Performs dining procedures for the store:
a. Receives guests and tends to their needs while in the restaurant.
b. Provides menu recommendations to customers.
c. Takes orders from customers and confirms orders with kitchen.
d. Serves food and beverages directly to the customers.
e. Presents bills to customers and collects corresponding payments.


- Completion of at least two years of studies in college or 2 years vocational course
- (Food-related courses are preferred)
- Basic knowledge in dining area service procedures
- Basic knowledge in table arrangement/set-up
- Has good customer relations, complaint handling and good oral communication skills

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