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Responsible for serving Take out Nook (TON) customers in an efficient and timely manner. Ensures TON products are assembled and displayed according to defined standards. Monitors TON products movement and inventory.


1. Performs the seven (7) TON service procedures (i.e., welcoming and assisting the customer, order taking, suggestive selling, receiving payment, assembling the customers order, dispatching the customers order, exiting TON) in line with delightful guest service standards.
2. Conducts standard opening procedures in the TON such as:
a. Checking endorsement logs from the previous shift.
b. Checking the temperature of the freezer/chiller.
c. Checking with the kitchen if there are any reserved items (e.g., cakes, pastries).
d. Checking if there are dated items, for endorsement to Officer-in-Charge.
e. Receiving product delivery.
f. Arranging products according to FiFo system.
g. Cleaning the TON.
h. Updating the sales team of products that are insufficiently stocked and overstocked.
i. Accomplishing endorsement logs (e.g., pending activities, temperature monitoring, pie monitoring, cleaning monitoring, status of stocks and products) for verbal endorsement to and reference of the next shift.
3. Refills and rearranges product displays as needed.


Completion of at least two years of studies in college or 2 years vocational course (Food-related courses are preferred)
Six (6) months relevant experience
With basic knowledge on the following:
- Restaurant/store operations and processes
- Customer service
- Up-selling, suggestive selling, and cross-selling
- Inventory management and control
- Perishable/nonperishable goods Conti’s food storage and safety standards
- Cleanliness and sanitation

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