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What we dream and work together to achieve.

Whether in the restaurant, corporate office, or in our production facilities, everyone in our family is enjoined in a single vision and mission. We understand that while we may have different roles in the organization, we are joyfully united by our shared purpose.

To be the leading Bakeshop and Restaurant that provides delightful experience to all its stakeholders.
To deploy strategic sourcing in the entire enterprise, To strengthen enterprise system control, organization and infastructure To build a customer and store-led team culture and high performing organization through sustainable leadership.
What we believe.

God-centeredness. Demonstrate integrity, honesty, truthfulness, speaks well of the Company and co-workers; avoid gossips. Values/respects time and company resources; honors Code of Discipline.

Creativity. Ability to introduce new ways and improve present methods, initiates and supports innovation and resourcefulness that help achieve goals.

Quality Focus. Demonstrates high and non-compromising attention and care to details from start to completion of assigned tasks/work. Achieves the highest standards of quality with consistent monitoring and improvement of work.

Accountability. Takes responsibility for one’s own actions acknowledging errors, if any, and striving to correct and be part of the solution. Consistently works on self-development through attendance in training if necessary.

Teamwork. Embraces diversity. Willingness to help others, to resolve problems quickly, and get along with co-workers, maintaining a positive, supportive work environment; works to find a win-win resolution of differences.

Guest Orientation. Ability to serve the customer/client on time, in a competent manner; anticipate needs, has a clear understanding of how to utilize the resources properly and realistically to accomplish tasks.

We believe that our people create the culture of service and passion that translates to every joyful experience across all our offices and stores. We are guided by the values that hold together what we believe in, and what we commit to uphold while we carry out our mission, and move forward together towards our shared goal.


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